Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Images, images...

Last Christmas, our youngest daughter, Jeni, gave me a lovely gift of a product manufactured by a company called Vision3D.  It's an illuminated crystal cube containing an image taken from a plain 2D photograph, but etched into the glass cube as a 3D image.  How that's done, I do not know, but it's fabulous!

It truly is a 3D rendering of a 2D image - as you move around it, you can see Pam's image from a different point of view, such as the tip of her nose occluding the edge of her right cheek as you move it around.  It must be appreciated, however, there is no more picture detail than the original; from behind, the image is concave.
But that gift was months ago and it only just occurred to me in the last week or so, to enquire as to the original print appearance, and so Jeni emailed it to me.  Here it is...
Jeni told me that it was taken during (our eldest daughter) Sharon and Neal's wedding reception, 01/02/2003.
I love this picture so much that it is now the one occupying my mobile phone's 'Wallpaper'.

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  1. Thos is a beautiful gift. It was a pleasure dining with you tonight, Eric.