Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Usefulness of Photos

In a few days, it will be seven months since I lost my darling wife and I miss her as if it only happened yesterday.  Each day I visit her gravesite and talk to her, but only yesterday did it occur to me to attempt to find a picture of Pammy that I hadn't seen for some time.
Well, most of the pictures I've ever taken have been scanned onto my PC, but it has been known to me for moons that we have a cupboard in the lounge room which has a plethora of photo albums therein, which contain many pictures that I hadn't yet got around to scanning - so I looked through all of them.  One picture in particular stood out.
There's a saying that "Every picture tells a story" - well that's false!  Most pictures tell nothing at all (or at least, not much), but the one I found tells heaps about Pammy's lovely personality.  Here it is...
This photo was taken at Pam's 50th birthday party, 15 years previously.  She was diagnosed with MS in 1986 and this photo would have been taken in 1999, so here she is 13 years later and smiling as always.  I find this picture to be so lovely that I've made it my Galaxy S6 mobile phone's homepage.
I love Pammy so much and it's definitely better to be reminded as to how she once looked than the recent mental images I have, of my poor Pammy dying.