Monday, March 21, 2016

Photos - what left have I?

The previous posting mentioned the usefulness of photos - but now, when I think of my poor darling, I often lay awake wondering what photos do I have which really show the uniqueness of her beautiful face.
Strangely enough, every day I walk past such a photo, but have only now just come to realise what I've actually got.  It's a picture that I got someone to take when Pam and I were holidaying in Tasmania in 1999 - that was the year we both turned 50.  I've got this picture hanging up on the passage wall, where it has so been for many years.  It beats me why it just now dawns on me that which I have...
To me, she is perfect!

Sadly, I felt I had to significantly compress the resolution of each picture for this blog, so if you do view it (and manage to zoom in), it will look a little blurrier than it should.
I am not mad, at least I don't think I am, and yet I can't justify what I do - but I visit Pam's gravesite every day I can, I have done so since her ashes were buried - and feel better each time for so doing.  I'm sure I will NEVER stop loving and caring for her.  As her gravesite is beneath a Belar tree, in Belar Ave. Murray Pines Cemetery, any occasional bird droppings must be cleaned off her headstone - and I'm the one who does that - so I really STILL am her carer (!)

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