Sunday, November 28, 2010

Her Story Disseminates

A casual email to Rebecca Kenyon, Managing Editor, Periodical Publications, MS Australia had a surprising repercussion as it turned out. All I did was to draw her and her staff's attention to this blog and before I knew it, I was sent a draft of an article to be possibly published in their upcoming quarterly InTouch Magazine. The draft was impressive but pointed out a possible space allocation problem. Nevertheless, before too many weeks passed, Kable Fransen, MS Connect Information Officer, emailed me with...

"Just read your article in the MS magazine InTouch – fantastic. Congratulations to you and Pam both, mate!"

I thought, whacko that's great, now when do I get my copy of InTouch? Ah, but I'm a sticky-nose and wondered if it was Googleable - after all, what isn't these days? Sure enough I found it - it's clickable here and the story is on page 11 (Rebecca also writes some nice things about me in her editorial on an earlier page, but don't look there).

I was rapt when I saw what was written but was a little bothered in that I am being made out to be special when I'm not, but Pam really is. In spite of the attention given to me, read between the lines - it's Pam's story and I want it to be known to as wide an audience as I can because I reckon it can give positive hope.

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