Thursday, September 29, 2016

Her Birth Date

This morning I went to wish my Pammy a happy 67th birthday, fully aware that her ashes wouldn't hear me, but it did me a lot of good regardless.

We have had pretty bad weather here in Mildura in the last day or two and I was pleased to see that all of Pammy's grave decorations were still in place - and looking even cleaner as well.

A lot of good folk on Facebook wished Pammy a happy birthday too - and one lovely lady on there even commented as to Pam's and my mutual love. 

It's hard to accept that Pammy would have been 67 today.  I was 66 when she died and she was still 65.  It may change (and I hope it never does), but I reckon my love for her is as strong as ever - but here I am back at home saying I love her, but I'm really only loving her memory, I suppose.

This is a 'selfie' of me with Pammy's grave to my right...

...and this how her grave decorations survived the wind and the rain...
I'll love her for as long as I live.

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