Monday, January 12, 2015

Pressure Sores - Argh!!!

Here it is 12/01/2015, quite some months since Pam's visit to Westhaven, and yet the District Nurses are still coming around twice a week to change the dressings on her many pressure sores collected there.  At least more than half of them are showing definite signs of improvement, but still all dressings and foam-rubber coverings are in place - as if nothing had changed.

In the early days of Pam getting these, someone said "Oh, pressure sores - they take a LONG time to heal".  Well, she was right - that's all I can say.

It amazes me how Pam stays genuinely happy, in spite of these horrors that she's never had before.  She really is a special person - and I'm still her Carer (and oh boy, I care!)

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