Friday, August 2, 2013

Systems being tested.

As the time of departure rapidly approaches, I am pleased to say that all systems are “Go”.  It’s Friday 2nd August and except for one or two things, all is well for a departure Monday 5th.

What hiccups have there been you ask?  Well, last week a filling fell out of my upper left 2nd bicuspid.  (that’s a tooth OK?).  This matched a recent refilling of my upper right 2nd bicuspid, by the way.  Fortunately my dentist found time to fix the latest just yesterday, so all systems were still “Go”.
Last night, I was watching Dick Smith on telly with his documentary “Ten Bucks a Litre”, which had plenty of commentary about the excessive electricity we all use in our houses, when BANG, all the lights went out, Pam’s and my TVs died, all power gone except for the air conditioner, which was still going.  It was almost pitch black with darkness.
“Rat’s!” said I, wondering how to find a torch.
I found that the safety switch at the in-house switchboard had tripped out, but had no idea why.  Pam’s PEG feed was about to be started and I needed POWER.
I rang the after-hours number of a local electrician and found myself talking to the son of one of my deceased mates.  He came out and quickly found that it was the fridge that had failed – and how he discovered that had me wondering about my own tortured sanity, for not having thought of that myself.  I’m too ashamed to detail it here J
After the sparky left, with the assistance of the McCombes in unit One to store 2 X 4-litre tubs of ice-cream in their fridge, I managed to get everything else out into the fridge in the shed.  I went to bed but how I got to sleep, I’ll never know.  
This morning, I rang Jack Abell’s and ordered another upside-down fridge freezer with the proviso that it was 65ish cm wide and frost-free.  (The former wasn’t frost-free btw).

Andrea comes at 10:30 this morning to care for Pam.  I’ll go around to Jack Abell’s and square off for the new fridge.  It will be delivered this arvo while I am at Bruce McCombes’ funeral.  It would have been delivered this morning except for Jack Abell’s staff being at Shane Dougherty’s funeral.

All clocks have been reset properly and as far as I can tell, systems are still “Go”.

Just a thought – if the old fridge had failed next week while we were away, we would have returned home to no power and a fridge full of spoiled food.  If my filling had fallen out any later, I would probably not have been able to get it mended in time, having my tongue consequently ultra-busy whilst away.  Whew!

Here's the new fridge...



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