Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Reprieve

Pam's return home was accompanied with a plethora of paperwork, much of which was to do with a new regime of feeding and flushing for her stomach PEG. Life gets exciting and when one realises that the wonderful ‘routines’, ‘habits’, ‘rituals’, ‘monotony’ that had achieved some degree of hallowed perfection over the last many months, had just been thrown out the window, one has to get philosophical; smile surreptitiously and see what he can resurrect out of the mess.

Well, what can I resurrect if I now give Pam her first feed at 7am (when I used to wake up at 7:30), followed by a medicated PEG flush 2 hours later and in another 2 hours another feed and so on for four feeds and three in-between PEG flushes all to be finished by 8pm. Of course, the four feeds have their own pre and post flushes don’t forget; and if I seem to be a bit niggly, don't forget how Pam could feel and with much more justification - if she so chose to. Her stoicity keeps me firing happily however, believe it or not.

It occurs to me that no reader of this would ever give a damn as to the 'routine' detail, and it’d take way too many key-strokes to describe it in any detail anyway, so we’re ALL happy, hey – so therefore I’m not telling!

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