Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Radio Star Pammy

Yesterday, October 19th (ignore the above date - that's USA time), Jenni Henderson from our local ABC radio station rang me and asked if Pam & I could come in this morning (Wednesday 20th) and be interviewed by Louise Ray in connection with this blog. Well, someone else reads this by the looks...

I expected a blank rejection from Pam but when I mentioned it to her, I got just the opposite. The only sadness on her face was when I mentioned how early we'd have to get up - 6am for me. But get up then I did, and had Pam up and in her lounge chair and being stomach-tube fed by 7:10. We made moves to go at 7:45, so I disconnected the feeding tube with half of this morning's breakfast still to be pumped and proceded to load Pam into the car. Louise had wanted us in the studio by 8:15 and I understood that she was to discuss what the interview was going to contain in some detail, however I'm glad it didn't happen that way; Louise told us just enough. In this way the answers Pam and I gave were more spontaneous and I wouldn't mind betting that Louise had this in mind from the outset. In the meantime, Jenni flicked a switch so that Pam and I could hear the radio while we waited to go on.

Just before 8:50 we were ushered into the studio by Jenni and what an experience with Louise that was. Pam had no fear and plenty to say in her quiet yet audible voice.  I was going on about the support we get from Trio et al when Louise wound up the conversation just in time for the 9:00 news. The ABC blog for this is ckickable here.

Jenni came back into the studio as we prepared to leave and waved a camera at us; so Louise, Pam and I gave a cheesy grin and this is what happened...

Jenni graciously allowed me to use this ABC photo in Pam's blog. It's a pity she's not in the photo also.
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